Guidelines referring to Starsky Airlines pilots:

 1)     each flight has to be made online in the VATSIM network strictly guided by the principles and culture during the communication with ATC or the other users;

 2)     we adhere to the principle „AS REAL AS IT GETS” - on the basis of our knowledge we do our best to adhere to the international aviation regulations and local procedures obtained at the particular airports and without undue delay / discussion obey the instructions received from ATC;

 3)     our flights have to be performed using the real weather;

 4)     take-offs and landings are made in compliance with all procedures mentioned in the airport charts  and taking into account the generally-accepted minimum RVR (start: 200m / ILS approach CAT I: 550m / ILS CAT II: 350m / ILS CAT III: 200m / visual: 1000m )

 5)     all flights are being performed using the aircraft, which is strictly leased or purchased for the particular pilot, which also means that the pilot has the respective license assigned in FSAirlines;

 6)     Starsky Airlines fleet is limited to the following aircrafts:

  • regional: Bombardier Dash 8 Q400, Aerospatiale/Alenia ATR 72-500
  • mid-range: Airbus 319-100, Boeing 737-700NG, Boeing 737-800NG
  • long-range: Boeing 767-300ER, Boeing 777-200LR
  • cargo: Boeing 777F

 7)    Starsky Airlines pilots have to register all flights using FSAirlines client and - optionally - via FS Flight Keeper;

8)     our callsign is STKXXX, where XXX is a pilot number assigned in FSAirlines + we suggest to add in remarks of Squawkbox/FSInn: RTF / OPR STARSKY AIRLINES / CALLME STARSKI / WWW.STARSKY-AIRLINES.PL

9)     each pilot can choose his own destinations - the respective flight plans have to be registered in FSAirlines by each pilot on his/her own;

10)   all flights in FSAirlines can be booked if they are assigned to the respective pilot only - flight dedicated to the particular pilot has the structure as follows: 11LH2EP where 11 is pilota number, LH is first two letters from airport of departure, 2 means the second flight between Hungary and Poland for the particular pilot, EP is first two letters from airport of arrival;

11)   we do not use compression time - our flights must take place in real time and departure time of flight plan has to be defined as UTC;

12)   at least 15 minutes prior to departure we make flight booking in FsAirlines, and the number of passengers, baggage and cargo have to be defined in accordance to the briefing document generated by FSAirlines;

13)   Starsky Airlines pilots operate from Fryderk Chopin Airport in Warsaw (EPWA)Mikolaj Kopernik Airport in Wroclaw (EPWR), Letisko M. R. Štefánika in Bratislava (LZIB), Ferenc Liszt Airport in Budapest (LHBP), Riga International Airport (EVRA) and from Lennart Mari Tallinn Airport (EETN) – it is recommended that during one rotation does not do more than 2 stopovers and as often as possible fly to/from one of the a/m bases;

14)   we are committed to taking care of our planes and their diligent service in one of the a/m bases;

15)   we are committed to take a huge pleasure from each flight and enjoy every hour spent in the VATSIM sky ;)